Striped Sweaters: You Can Never Have Too Many

Add the striped crewneck to the list of items a man can never have too many of.


Photograph by Jens Mortensen. Styling by Jason Gledhill for Halley Resources.

There are certain items--white shirts, black socks, khakis--a man can never have too many of. Add the striped crewneck to that list. You need a cotton one for the summer, cashmere for the winter, and for those in-between-times, something less predictable, like these mohair kruits. Slightly rough to the touch, they come in attractive color combos: gray and mauve, black and oatmeal, teal and gray. Wearing one is like putting on a suit with two days' worth of stubble--you'll look well-dressed, but with a rebellious streak.

Sweaters ($515 each) by Marc Jacobs.

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