Prada Expands its Made-to-Measure Program with Even More Luxe Bespoke Options

Guanaco or vicuña, anyone?

Photograph by Brad Bridgers

What better tradition to steal from the Italians than having your shirts made? Prada, a Milanese tailoring powerhouse if there ever was one, is doing its part to spread the gospel of custom with its made-to-measure program, launched over a decade ago and now offered at more than 40 locations from Bal Harbour to Beijing.

The appointment-only service certainly evokes European swank: An expert tailor holds your proverbial hand as you look through the hundreds of new and archival fabrics for coats, shoes, travel trunks, suits, and more. And trust us, you'll appreciate the help—there are more than 30 options for coats alone, including luxe materials like vicuña and guanaco, made from the lightweight, ultra-soft wool of the rare South American camelid (the llama's classy cousin). This year the service has added even more patterns and prints for shirting, including that bold blue Hawaiian showstopper from the spring 2014 runway. But if you're more of a classic white-button-down guy, don't worry, you're covered (in 300 cotton count). After all, hasn't Prada always been about giving men exactly what they want?

Prada Made to Measure (pricing starts at $600)

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