The Quotable Hitchens: The 10 Best Hitch Quotes Of All Time

The legendary contrarian on death, irony, and Ronald Reagan.


Professional contrarian Christopher Hitchens has picked fights with everyone from Mother Teresa to Henry Kissinger and even titled one of his books God Is Not Great. As The Quotable Hitchens: From Alcohol to Zionism (Da Capo, $17) shows, he's never lacked a strong point of view. We stuck our noses in this essential volume of Hitchenalia and came up with his ten best bon mots covering subjects such as death, irony, and the man who may have been the Anti-Hitchens incarnate, President Ronald Regan.

10."The desire—or the need—for the death of better men is probably the special property of two groups—the chronically inferior and the incurably insecure." —London Review of Books, 1992

9. "Right though I so very often am, it always makes me feel distinctly queasy to find myself in the majority." —Slate, 2009

8. "You may think you can give up politics, but you can't. Politics will come and find you."— World Magazine,2006

7. "There's nothing quite like reading about your own death …I recommend it." —C-SPAN2, 2010

6. "If you gave [Jerry] Falwell an enema, he'd be buried in a matchbox."—Fox News Channel, 2007

5. "Ronald Reagan is doing to the country what he can no longer do to his wife. —The Nation, 1982

4. "I'm not that keen on the idea of being unconscious. There's plenty of time to be unconscious coming up." —The New Yorker, October, 2006

3. "I have often thought that when I do die it will be of sheer boredom..." —Vanity Fair, 2008

2. "Irony is for losers." —Vanity Fair, 1998

1. "I am, I hope, never offensive by accident."—The Nation, 1995

By Tim Holder

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