The New Must-Read: Lorrie Moore's Bark

Lorrie Moore's first collection since his bestselling Birds of America features eight mordant, off-kilter tales.

Image courtesy of Random House Publishing.

In a literary world obsessed with Franzenesque Big Novels, the release of a book of short stories rarely counts as a marquee event. An exception to the rule: Bark, Lorrie Moore's first collection since 1998's bestselling, multiple-award-winning Birds of America, featuring eight mordant, off-kilter tales. Take, for example, "Debarking," in which a newly divorced dad is set up with a slightly cracked pediatrician who invites her painfully awkward teenage son to accompany them on a date. And that's just for starters—wait until you get to the biker gang that crashes a wedding.

Knopf; out February 25.

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