Cursing in Front of the Kids: A Time Line of Bad Words in Classic Movies

We talked to 10-year-old Rohan Chand, who plays Jason Bateman's stiffest spelling-bee competitor in the R-rated comedy Bad Words (out March 14), about the film's "rather expressive" dialogue.

Photograph courtesy of Sam Urdank/courtesy of Focus Features.

Ten-year old Rohan Chand plays Jason Bateman's stiffest spelling-bee competition in the R-rated comedy Bad Words (out March 28) and somehow manages to maintain his wide-eyed innocence while Bateman (who also directed the film) lets the expletives fly. Read what little Rohan had to say about the film's rather expressive dialogue, and then see how he stacks up against other child stars who've been exposed to foul language in our movie time line. Parental guidance suggested.

DETAILS: Did your parents tell you not to use that kind of language around the house?

ROHAN CHAND: My dad told me I could use it while I was in character, but if I use it out of character, then I won't be allowed to act anymore.

DETAILS: Did you know what those swear words meant?

ROHAN CHAND: I didn't know what a lot of it meant, fortunately.

DETAILS: You know, this was Jason's first time directing.

ROHAN CHAND: I know! It's his directorial debut!

DETAILS: How'd he do?

ROHAN CHAND: He did a phenomenal job.

DETAILS: Was it weird to see Jason act like such a jerk when the cameras started rolling?

ROHAN CHAND: It was at first, but I got used to it and all. The real Jason is very nice, and he treats me very well.

DETAILS: What was your favorite scene?

ROHAN CHAND: The montage where we get to ride in a Mustang—that was awesome!—and Jason chases me with a real lobster. At the end of the scene, Jason puts the lobster near my butt!

• • •

__The Time Line of Child Stars Who've Been Exposed to Foul Language


Taxi Driver (1976)

Child Actor: Jodi Foster

(31 seconds in)

• • •

A Christmas Story (1983)

Child Actor: Peter Billingsley

(51 seconds in)

• • •

Billy Madison (1995)

Child Actor: Jared Cook

(1 minute and 39 seconds)

• • •

Big Daddy (1999)

Child Actors: Cole And Dylan Sprouse

(1 minute and 17 seconds in)

• • •

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)

(36 seconds in)

• • •

About A Boy (2002)

Child Actor: Nicholas Hoult

(56 seconds in)

• • •

Bad Santa (2003)

Child Actor: Bucky Dominick

(19 seconds in)

• • •

Old School (2003)

(53 seconds in)

• • •

The Bad News Bears (2005)

Child Actors: Ridge Canipe, Brandon Craggs, Timmy Deters, Carlos Estrada, Emmanuel Estrada, Troy Gentile, Kenneth 'K.C.' Harris, Aman Johal, Tyler Patrick Jones, Jeffrey Tedmori

(47 seconds in)

• • •

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Child Actors: Abigail Breslin, Paul Dano

(38 seconds in)

• • •

Alec Baldwin Yells At Daughter (2007)

Child Actor: Ireland Baldwin

(31 seconds in)

• • •

The Landlord Presented by Funny or Die (2007)

Child Actor: Pearl McKay

(1 minute and 3 seconds in)

• • •

Role Models (2008)

Child Actor: Bobb'e J. Thompson

(35 seconds in)

• • •

Kick Ass (2010)

Child Actor: Chloë Grace Moretz

(53 seconds in)

• • •

Bad Teacher (2011)

Child Actor: Matthew J. Evans

(1 minute and 9 seconds in)

• • •

Bad Grandpa (2013)

Child Actor: Jackson Nicoll

(5 minutes and 54 seconds in)

• • •

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