The Splurge: Billy Reid's Brand-New, Fully Loaded Truck

What's a fashion designer doing with a truck marketed as "the future of tough?" Billy Reid explains why his latest splurge was a hefty piece of American auto engineering—and what he uses it for.

Images by Nicholas Prakas.

In our new column The Splurge, we ask tastemakers to tell us about the best new products and services they've spent their hard-earned money on.

Billy Reid is on top of the world right now—not just because his spring 2014 collection marks the first time his clothing has been sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, but also because he just got a brand-new car. Read on to find out what he's driving around his adopted hometown of Florence, Alabama.

What was your last big purchase?

I just bought a new car for the first time in 13 years, a Ford F-150 fully loaded pickup truck. It's amazing. I thoroughly enjoy it. I still have my old car, an old Jeep, but it had a wire in the back of the seat that sticks into your buttocks, and it didn't have a radio. And it leaks. So finally I broke down and did it.

Some might ask what a high-end menswear designer needs with such a powerful truck.

We have a really old house, and we're constantly working on it in our free time, so I'm always hauling stuff. Also, the furniture that's in the shops, we're gathering that all the time and switching it out from our house to the store and back to the house again, so I'm using it for that. I also coach my son's baseball team, which means a ton of gear. So it's just kind of a good all-purpose vehicle. And it gets such terrific gas mileage.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner

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