The Splurge: Gitman Vintage's Chris Olberding's Buys Artwork for His New Showroom

What does a designer shop for when decorating his new showroom, art of course! Plus where Chris Olberding ate in Japan and slept in China.

Photo courtesy of Chris Olberding

For The Splurge, we ask tastemakers to tell us about their most recent—and most extravagant—purchases.

In this edition, Gitman Vintage's founder and designer Chris Olberding does a little art shopping.

Best new artwork you bought?

"I recently purchased an amazing photo/frame ensemble by Hassan Hajjaj, who just won the Pulse Prize recently. I love his use of old and new, past and present. It's an aesthetic impulse similar to Gitman Vintage's own (not to mention the piece looks great in our new showroom)."

Latest extravagant meal?

"My last extravagant meal was the omakase at Kyubei in Tokyo. The translation of omakase is "I'll leave it to you," and from start to finish you couldn't dream of a more balanced yet intensely creative meal—live shrimp, blowfish, two kinds of uni, and three types of eel. Arigato."

Noteworthy stays?

"I love old school grand hotels, and this spring I spent the weekend at The Oriental in Bangkok. The original structure from 1879 still exists, and the level of service and amenities (restaurants, spa, tennis) and location (right on the Chao Phraya river) make it an oasis in a maddening city, but also a central point to explore."

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—Andrew Villagomez is a men's lifestyle and travel writer and a Details Network contributor. Follow him at @VeeTravels.

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