The Splurge: Steven Alan on the Difficulty of Finding a Really Good Couch

"They're either too shallow, too deep, too low or too high."

Image courtesy of Steven Alan

In The Splurge, we ask tastemakers to tell us about their most recent—and most extravagant—purchases.

Steven Alan has had an exciting summer. In addtion to his recent collaboration with Dr. Scholl's (he made a unisex wooden sandals with a leather upper), he also recently bought his first house. And as happy as he is to be a homeowner, the designer told us that outfitting a home is a lot harder than spending a lot of money at a hardware store.

What was your last big spend?

I've been buying stuff for my house, I just bought a house—I've never lived in a house before. For me it was exciting just going to Home Depot and buying rakes, shovels, saws, and things like that. It sounds boring, but it was an enjoyable shopping experience since I'd never shopped like that before.

What did you splurge on for your home?

I've been putting together this sound station for the house that I'm excited about. I bought this beautiful old Marantz tuner—I bought the exact same model for one of my stores and I loved the sound and quality of it. The couch is the next splurge. I'm trying to find the perfect reading couch, which is difficult because they're either too shallow, too deep, too low or too high, and they can get stained real easy.

Any noteworthy trips recently?

The most interesting trip I've taken in the past couple of years was to India. I went to New Delhi six months ago and I visited all these artisan factories where everything was done by hand. It was amazing.

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—Andrew Villagomez is a men's lifestyle and travel writer and a Details Network contributor. Follow him at @VeeTravels.

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