The Birchbox Stylish-Stubble Video Premiere: How To Maintain a Laid-Back Vacation Beard

Vacations are for sleeping in, kicking back, and enjoying time away from your razor. Got travel plans this summer? Exchange your clean shave for a vacation beard. Take a note from Birchbox Men on how to clean up your stubble for a perfect seven-day, low-maintenance look.

Photo courtesy of Birchbox Men

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you have to look like you don't actually have a job. Got travel plans this summer? Check out the brand new video from the grooming experts at Birchbox Men for tips on how to exchange your clean shave for a low maintenance yet presentable vacation beard with three easy-to-master shaving techniques and product recommendations.

Side note: Even if you're vacationing all by yourself like the guy in the video (and reading alone in your hotel room, celebrating happy hour solo, and drinking coffee by all by your lonesome at the hotel bar), that's no excuse to let your beard grow feral. Here's how to maintain a handsome degree of stubble even on week-long getaways.

—Laura Delarato

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