The Week in Fashion News: LeBron's $51K Watch, North West's Designer Baby Closet, Seinfeld's T-Shirt Line

The best of the week, including North West's designer wardrobe, Seinfeld's fashion line, and LeBron's pricey new watch.

The week's top stories in fashion news.

We like to imagine that LeBron James' limited-edition watch for Audemars Piguet came into being because the basketball star—distracted by the daily plights of the Miami Heat—was constantly asking everybody the time and driving his teammates crazy. It seems likelier, though, that James is a very important basketball player who requires a very important watch (with his name laser-engraved on the back, natch). And for $51K, you, too, can tell time like a pro basketball player with this giant gold and gray piece. Once you scrape together the funds, the only trouble is remembering the name, which is about as long as LeBron is tall. It is: the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Limited-Edition LeBron James. (Forbes)

It's safe to assume that the most swagged-out newborn in the United States—nay, the world—is North West (whose name was given Anna Wintour's stamp of approval before the child was even born). So we weren't surprised to learn that daddy Kanye and mama Kim took to Instagram to show off selections from her infant's closet, which is teeming with designer duds like a custom Bambi tee from Givenchy, aCeline care package, and frilly Lanvin ensembles. And if that leaves any doubt as to whether Nori (her nickname) is the chicest baby on the planet, we think a leather safety-pinned mini dress from Alexander Wang will clear that right up. (Complex)

If you weren't famous or cool enough in the early '90s to patronize the Viper Room, the Sunset Strip Club whereRiver Phoenix met his untimely end, now's your chance to pretend you were. The nightclub once co-owned by Johnny Depp is releasing a collection of menswear that will include USA-made T-shirts, jeans, and accessories packaged in old record-label covers. Because every famous venue needs its own fashion line, right? (USA Today)

Mystery Tweeter @Seinfeld2000, which has given us such egregiously misspelled gems as "Jery finaly just murder Newmen," is collaborating with Max Wowch on a collection of T-shirts to represent "not just what Seinfeld would be today, but also where our culture is at right now." Sounds like a potentially lucrative business, but the man behind the Twitter account promises to keep it real: "Were not realy planing to make a lot of money with this, like your not going to see me and Max hanging out w Kate Upten on a yatch in a week and drinking Grey Goose straihgt out of the bottle," he explained in his own special Internet language. (Wowch)

Now you can smell fashiony and well-read in a single spritz. Monocle is set to drop the third edition of an ongoing fragrance collaboration with Commes des Garçons. Dubbed "Sugi," the unisex scent will feature notes of Japanese cedar, cypress, and pepper in a matte-glass bottle that reflects the brands' "sophisticated and intelligent values." Always good to smell intelligent. (Westerlind)

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