The Travel-Friendly Workout That Fits in Your Carry-on

This Wellness Bag from Italy's Technogym has travel-friendly workouts covered.

When traveling, there's something about staying in a posh hotel and not exiting the room for an entire day of your trip. When the A/C is crankin' and the sheets are crisp and the gratis robe is as thick as a cumulonimbus cloud, why leave? But after noshing on that medium-rare steak and frites, enjoying the entire cookie plate alone, and sucking down three tiny Cokes from room service, you might want to consider a quick workout— not in the hotel gym. This Wellness Bag from Italy's Technogym has you covered and still hibernating. Four types and lengths of resistance bands plus the necessary handles, ankle supports, and a comfy exercise mat are all tucked away in its sleek, 15-by-8-inch carrying case.


— Perry, senior editor at Details

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