This Week in Fashion: Julian Assange Is Going to Be a Runway Model, Kanye West is Teaching Fashion

There's…there's a lot to unpack this week.

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The week's top stories in fashion news.

Come September, Vivienne Westwood's sonBen Westwood will follow in his mother's footsteps. As a part of London Fashion Week, Westwood the younger has invited Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to make his runway debut in a show at the Ecuadorean Embassy. The fugitive, who's avoiding extradition to Sweden where he's wanted for questioning over claims of sex offenses, will appear with six other models. Get ready for some fun headlines. (The Independent)

Speaking of controversial, the ever famous Kanye West is finally knocking out some of the 250 community service hours he racked up for fighting with paparazzi. For the past six weeks he's been teaching at the L.A. Trade Technical College, giving speeches about his personal experience in the fashion industry. We're a little surprised that none of his rants (or, um, lectures) haven't gone viral. Yet. (TMZ)

Beats (you know, the multibillion dollar headphone company that Apple just bought) will enter into a new partnership next year. Fendi announced at its Spring 2015 show that it will apply its logo to Beats headsets in a variety of colors including fire red, emerald green, sunflower yellow, and black. The devices are covered in hand-stitched Selleria leather. Lush. (HypeBeast)

In addition to being under investigation for baring his skivvies, Brazilian soccer star Neymar has collaborated with Nike on a gold version of its Hypervenom cleats. Available on today, the boots were inspired by the footballer's childhood penchant for spray painting his cleats gold. (Nike)

Russell Westbrook, another athlete making fashion headlines, is in Paris taking in the men's Spring 2015 shows. But before he headed to the City of Light, the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard shot the lookbook for his collaboration with Barneys, which features wares from Globetrotter,Nike AirJordan, and other brands. (Complex)

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