This Week in Fashion: The Dawn of #Normcore, Ovadia Brothers Leave J. Press, Kanye Compares Himself to Michelangelo

"I'm breaking down walls that people will understand 10-20 years from now."—Kanye

The week's top stories in fashion news.

Heritage collaboration fatigue got you down? Here's some actual news on that front: 112-year-old heritage prep brand J. Press is parting ways with Ariel and Shimon Ovadia, who it tapped to design its York Street line just four seasons ago. Though the Ovadia brothers say they're "sad to see it go" and CEO Yuki Okita added that they "couldn't have asked for better partners," the brand has decided to focus on consolidating its in-house team after its recent rapid expansion—which, of course, they have the Ovadias to thank for. (WWD

Sniff, sniff. . . is someone cooking up a hashtag? It's only a matter of time before Normcore—the term the trend forecasters at K-Hole coined to describe people who rebuff originality and deliberately seek "sameness as a new way of being cool"—becomes the next thing to blow up on your Instagram feed. Apparently the coolest kids won't be as easy to spot anymore; you'll have to see through the "mock turtlenecks with Tevas and Patagonia windbreakers; Uniqlo khakis with New Balance sneakers or Crocs and souvenir-stand baseball caps." (The Cut)

If we've learned anything from the latest stop on the trade show circuit at the Las Vegas edition of Project, Liberty, and Capsule, it's that we can soon expect to see shops offering a wider range of wares, from luxe double-faced fabrics to distressed finishes—plus the now ubiquitous slim-fit sweatpant. (Apparel News)

A super bored-looking Kanye West appeared on the premiere of *Late Night with Seth Meyers or fashion, "everything in the world is exactly the same." To make that easier for a befuddled Seth Meyers to understand, he explained "Like Michelangelo. . . I just want to be able to use marble and make sculptures." Thanks, Yeezy. We totally get it now. (Complex)

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