This Week in Fashion: Pharrell Made Jeans Out of Trash, and the Store that Will Let You Test Drive Its Clothes

One of these things is clearly a lot grosser than the other.

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The week's top stories in fashion news.

Now that we've gotten that whole headdress thing behind us, it's time to get happy again. For his umpteenth project this year, Pharrell Williams has debuted the G-Star "Raw for the Oceans" collection that he curated. The key difference between the trench coats, denim and tees that make up this collection and those already in your closet? These are made of fibers from recycled plastic bottles.The collection hits stores in September. (High Snobiety)

Ever wanted to test drive a garment before you committed to purchasing it? GU, a chain store in Tokyo that's owned byUniqlo's parent company, now allows you to pick out three pieces and take them home before making a purchase. As long as you have the pieces back at some point on the same day—no matter whether you went for a lunch date or had to do a quick change for a job interview—you can return it no questions asked. We only have one real question though: How is this hygenic?(NY Mag)

Things are not looking good for American Apparel founder Dov Charney. This week his board ousted him as CEO and board chairman, replacing him with Allan Mayer. What's worse is that while sources say Dov is going to fight for the company that he started in his dorm room, stock prices actually rose following the announcement. (LA Times)

In case you weren't OK with your regular silk garments, you're about to have options. A high-tech firm in Michigan has now genetically modified silk worms that can spin yarn as strong as spider silk. Not sure how strong that is? Well, among the many plans for the textile once it's been mass produced is bulletproof clothing. Watch out, Peter Parker. (Spero News)

We don't know what you carry your trophies around in, but for FIFA there's only one choice: Louis Vuitton. For the 2014 World Cup, the organization tapped the French house to design a monogrammed trophy trunk to hold this year's trophy until the final game on July 13. To the victor go the spoils (case included). (WWD)

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