This Week in Fashion: Thom Browne's Wild Runway, Scented Denim, Givenchy's Nike Collab

For his fall 2014 runway show, Thom Browne proffered a wacky confection of herringbone and muted gray suiting topped off with animal kingdom masks and the occasional dapper sumo wrestler.

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If only we could inhabit the weird, wonderful world that Thom Browne's brain seems to swim in every day. For his Fall 2014 runway show in Paris, the designer proffered a jungle of herringbone and muted gray suiting topped off with animal kingdom masks (including a massive elephant head) and the occasional dapper sumo wrestler. (WWD)

On the subject of wild runway productions, Riccardo Tisci created a circular gated basketball court to showcase his latest collection, which drew inspiration from court side style and—why not—Bauhaus art. We don't expect Kobe to don the fur stole that walked down the runway, but other pieces, like a puffer jacket and mohair sweatshirt, may actually find their way to an All-Star audience (LeBron, are you listening?). (L.A. Times)

Of course, no sports-inspired fashion collection would be complete without some kind of high-end sneaker collab. This week, Tisci revealed images from Givenchy's much anticipated Nike collection over his Instagram feed. We have to admit, the previews look good. Maybe even standing-in-line-in-the-freezing-cold-at-6-a.m. good. (Complex)

Stanky dudes, rejoice. Designer Brandon Svarc of Naked & Famous has engineered the most important fashion breakthrough of the 21st century: the scratch n' sniff jean. Not only does the trouser come in a zippy mint scent, but the denim is coated with a layer of stain-deflecting Teflon, so slobs everywhere can look and smell fresh. (BBC)

We've had a vague interest in parkour ever since we saw the bad guy in Casino Royale bound over buildings as if he had spring-loaded sneakers. But our friends across the pond are still pretty infatuated. For the release of their latest sportswear collection, H&M shot a team of parkour athletes hopping, jumping and flipping around London until they finally arrive, breathless, at a gleaming flagship store. The video is pretty fun, but it seems like a lot of flipping just for cheap workout gear. (YouTube)

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