This Week in Fashion: Calvin Klein Wants to See Your Undies, NYC Snow Boot Shortage, and More

Plus—A Utah mom's anti-PacSun shopping spree proves that money really can buy total humiliation for her 18-year-old son.

Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein

The week's top stories in fashion news.

When you look this good in nothing but briefs you should share it with the world. At least that's what Calvin Klein's new social media campaign is asking you to do. #mycalvins" encourages customers to tweet pictures of themselves in their CK briefs. So far, the likes of Miranda Kerr and Trey Songz (pictured above) have participated, and are by far some of the best examples we expect to see of half-naked strangers on social media. (Calvin Klein)

Those of us on the East Coast needed a dose of Vitamin D like, yesterday, and now the New York Times has given us another reason to declare 2014 the Worst Winter Ever. Insane snowfall has created a city-wide boot shortage, with retailers like Macy's, Payless, and Eastern Mountain Sports unable to keep pace with demand. In times like these, our boots are made for...walking home and ordering better shoes on (New York Times)

To fete the NBA's Noche Latina games, the New York Knicks are getting decked out in special Hispanic Heritage jerseys. With a highly literal design approach, the jersey—which looks a lot like a regular cotton tank—reads "Nueva York" across the front. See what they did there? (Uniform Swag)

Salt Lake City mom Judy Cox took a strong, if super weird, stand against PacSun's "indecent' window display by buying every single T-shirt depicting a scantily clad model for a grand total of $567, proving that money really can buy total humiliation for Cox's 18-year-old son, now officially the most embarrassed teenager in the world. (New York Post)

VFiles, the inner sanctum of the young and tattooed, is expanding its Mercer Street retail space into its neighboring office. The news comes as a huge relief to those of us who were worried whether the retailer would have enough room for all those rabbit-shaped leather backpacks and color-blocked Jeremy Scott undies. (Racked)

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