Soccer Star Tim Howard's Big Secret

Forget the gossip about the random drugs test after his record-making World Cup game against Belgium. This is how the soccer star really maintains peak performance.

SALVADOR, BRAZIL - JULY 01: Tim Howard of the United States reacts during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Round of 16 match between Belgium and the United States at Arena Fonte Nova on July 1, 2014 in Salvador, Brazil. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Image courtesy of Getty Sports.

American goalkeeper Tim Howard shattered World Cup records during the game against Belgium yesterday, racking up an awe-inspiring 16 savesmore than anyone in the history of the planet's most popular sports tournament. His phenomenal success (which still didn't save the U.S. from losing to Belgium in the end, 2-1) sparked plenty of questions from cynics online, especially after he was "randomly" drug-tested immediately after his already-legendary performance. But FIFA officials needn't have bothered. Howard, 34, already spilled the secrets of his performance. To us.

"My personal trainer suggested paleo to build muscle while staying lean, and it's one of the first plans that's worked for me," he said in an interview for Details' June/July 2014 issue. "Depending on how intense training was, I throw in extra carbs, like sweet potatoes."

But while his diet is important, practice—and routine—are equally important. "Mid-morning, I'm on the field for about two hours with my club team, Everton. I do goalkeeper training—the coach kicks balls at me and I'm diving all around. Kind of natural plyometrics, getting wet and muddy."

"Ideally, I'm in bed by 10 P.M.," he added. "That's all I have left. I like to get more than my normal 10 hours of sleep nights before a game."

Read the entire interview with Tim Howard here. But first, another look at his greatness.

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