5 Questions For the Woman Who Sculpted This Tiny Golden Penis

Does this trinket really offer a cure for workplace sexism?

Image Courtesy of Holly Wilson

Oklahoma artist Holly Wilson is fighting the sexism she's encountered in the art world by selling miniature sculptures of dicks. Naturally, we have questions.

A little background: Wilson is trying to fund a project called "Bring Your Dick to the Table" on Kickstarter. She was spurred to create the tiny penises after a gallery owner tried to change the terms of an agreement they'd made. The original contract stipulated that Wilson would get two-thirds of the profit from the work the gallery managed to move, but after her pieces started selling, the owner wanted to change the split to 50/50.

"I started to feel my knees go weak...and my lips completely lost all moisture," said Wilson of how she felt in this meeting. "So I'm fumbling around trying to find my lip balm, and I realize, right there, I could let this take me and wash me out, or I could hold onto my dick."

But first she needed one, so Wilson created a collection of inch-and-a-half long mini phalluses in sterling silver, white bronze, and 10K gold. They even bend to the left or right "depending on your personal or political preferences. We are not judgmental about either," she says.

She certainly has her supporters. At the time of posting, she'd raised over half of the $11,250 in funding. Still, despite her informative Kickstarter page, there are some things we'd like to ask.

1. Isn't the point of feminism that you literally don't need a schlong?

2. Who told you men hold onto their dicks when they're negotiating?

3. Does becoming more like Archie Comics' much-loathed co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit (who refers to her male employees as "penises" instead of their real names) scare you or empower you?

4. Who's penis was this modeled from?

5. Do they come in other sizes?

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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