The 5 Best Clay Masks and Volcanic Scrubs

Five products that will mine the grime, leaving your skin healthy and clear.

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Photo courtesy of Corbis

Volcanic ash, carbon, and clay—no, this isn't a geology lecture. It might seem odd to put rocks and ash on your face, but these earthy, mineral-rich ingredients work overtime to clear pores and scrub away dead skin.

Here are five products that will mine the grime, leaving your skin healthy and clear.


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Triumph and Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Exfoliating Face Scrub

This heavy-duty scrub from New Zealand utilizes organic volcanic ash to exfoliate and green clay to draw out impurities. It's rich in iron, magnesium, and potassium to nourish skin at the same time. ($34)


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Nippon Kodo Deitanseki Soap Bar

This Japanese cult favorite is enriched with kaolin clay and carbon powder to gently cleanse your face, leaving skin squeaky-clean without upsetting its natural moisture balance. ($11)


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Baxter of California Clay Mask

In this weekly deep-cleaning treatment for shiny skin, kaolin and bentonite clays act like a magnet, drawing out dirt and oil to unclog pores and prevent breakouts. ($18)


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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This inexpensive tub of pure bentonite clay works wonders on chest or back breakouts when mixed with water or apple-cider vinegar. You'll literally feel it pull the oil and dirt from your skin as it dries. ($8)


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Fresh Umbrian Clay Facial Treatment

The ultimate multitasker: Leave it on for three to five minutes as a mask, cleanse with it daily, or use a dab to spot-treat blemishes. Umbrian clay (from the Italian town of Nocera Umbra) is a rich ingredient that naturally soothes irritation, reduces breakouts, and turns over healthy skin cells. ($48)

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