Top 5 Stories of the Week: Pro Tennis Workout, Why You Should Wear a Uniform, Ernest Sabine's Style Tips, Taming Hat Hair & Meat-Distilled Mezcals

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1) How I Got My Body: Fernando Verdasco


Tennis star Fernando Verdasco earned his nickname "Muscles From Madrid," just like he earned his 12 career titles: brutal workouts and a mindful diet. Follow Verdasco's daily routine to find out why leg days are so important and when it's okay to indulge in vices. The results speak for themselves.

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2) Real Men Wear a Uniform: The Case for Dressing the Same Every Day


Uniform dressing may seem like a jail sentence for the sartorially inclined, but some of the most powerful men of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and even the White House have something else in common besides fame and fortune: they all choose to wear the same outfit every day. Is the uniform calculated attempt to craft an iconic look, or simply the byproduct of a busy lifestyle?

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3) Rules Of Style: Ernest Alexander's Ernest Sabine


After presenting his Fall 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week (pictured above), men's accessories guru Ernest Sabine of Ernest Alexander sits down to share his pearls of style wisdom.

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4) How to Make it Through Winter Without Hat Hair: 8 Tips


Alas, old man winter is determined to visit for a few more weeks at least, which means your hair and your hat collection will become even better BFFs. But before that case of hat hair turns terminal, read up on how the stylish editors of Details and The Motley keep their heads warm and hairstyles looking cool, despite the arctic conditions.

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5) Would You Like the Chicken, the Turkey, or the Rabbit? Inside the Weird World of Meat-Distilled Mezcals


Welcome to the world of "pechuga" mezcals, a curious fusion of booze and butchery. Although it currently remains a niche market, we predict the meat-distlled mezcal renaissance will be upon us soon. Before it hits, learn everything about its rich history and range, from turkey to chicken, rabbit, venison, and ham.

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