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1) 18 Best-Dressed Short Men—Standing 5'8" and Under


The average height of an American man hovers around 5'9", but with the average model standing well above 6'0" short men can feel left out of the fashion world. Breathe, step away from the boys' section, and take a page from these 18 sartorial giants who demonstrate the cardinal rules for a well-tailored and streamlined look.

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2) Now Trending: Chukka Boots


From fall to spring, these lightweight boots are the ultimate footwear for transitional seasons. Our community of menswear bloggers spotted their favorites—from office-appropriate leather chukkas to casual, thick-soled suede ones.

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3) Amazing New Architecture in Surprising Locations


From a calligraphy-inspired shape to a bold, spacecraft-like construction, these seven designs are a sight to behold. And set against the backdrop of the scorching Sonoran Desert, the frozen tundra of Antarctica, and other unlikely or inhospitable frontiers (Azerbaijan anyone?), these structures are in a world of their own.

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4) Costume or Clueless? Play the Celebrity Bad-Fashion Game


Leading men don an entirely new persona—and wardrobe—every time they take on a new role. But you can't blame the costume designers for all of these celebrities' unfortunate style choices. Take the quiz to see if you can you tell who's in character versus who's just a bad dresser.

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5) You'll Never Guess Which American City Spends the Most on Men's Grooming Products


(c) Tara Moore

A new study identified the top 10 most beauty-conscious American cities (where men spend the most on men's grooming products). And guess what? It's not Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York. The report also breaks down the average amount spent on hair and skincare per month, and the most popular products.

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