Top 5 Stories of the Week: Matt Bomer, Brown vs. White Eggs, Perfumer Kilian Hennessy, Designer Swim Trunks, and More

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1) Matt Bomer Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

The White Collar actor is finally being recognized for more than his winning smile and perfectly sculpted mid-section. In HBO's The Normal Heart, Bomer shed his charming ex-con character—and 35 pounds—to play AIDS-afflicted writer Felix Turner during the eighties HIV crisis in New York City.

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2) Health Myth: Are Brown Eggs Really Healthier Than White Eggs?


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Can you really judge an egg by its color? Nutritionist Alexandra Caspero give us the rundown on farm-to-carton production, the amount of B vitamins in your yolk, and why you really should be more concerned with what farmers feed their chickens. It's a great-egg debate!

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3) Perfumer Kilian Hennessy Blames Bath & Body Works for the Demise of Modern Fragrances. Plus: the Chicest Scent Ever


Melodie Jeng

Take a look inside Kilian, the meatpacking district's home to Kilian Hennessy's luxury aromas. Find out why choosing the wrong fragrance brand is one of the biggest mistakes a man can make, using taboo perfumes, and the sociology behind the scents from the nineties.

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4) The Season's Sexiest Swim Trunks


Designers are nixing board-shorts for something a little bolder, a little smaller. Take a hint from the beaches of Brazil.

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5) Why Lodi, CA Is the Next Napa


Lodi has 750 growers, 80 wineries, and should be the next area to consider for a wine trip. Not convinced? Our very own Wine Wise Guy gives us five reasons why your next glass should come 90 minutes east of the Valley.

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