Top 5 Stories of the Week: Kate Upton on Nudity, Boozy Shopping, Lucid Dreaming, Best New Gins & Adonis Belt Workouts

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1) Kate Upton Explains Why She Hasn't Posed Fully Nude—Yet

2011 Mike McGregor

The model and actress on being called "a bombshell" and why she would rather be the face of commercial campaigns than high fashion.

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2) Want a Beer with Those Boots? Why Menswear Stores Are Increasingly Serving Drinks

A new generation of menswear shops explain how adding booze lubricates the shopping experience.

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Summer's Coolest Cocktail Ingredient: Sugar Snap Peas

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3) Dream On: Inside the Lucid-Dreaming Craze

A growing number of LD practitioners aren't just having more fun in bed—they're using their dreams to get ahead.

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How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

5 Surprising Sleep Myths—Busted

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4) 13 New Gins Bartenders Are Raving About


In the last decade, over 500 new gins have hit the market—we identify which of these new bottles are worth your time (and palate).

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5) How to Get the Adonis Belt: 4 Key Exercises


There's more to a rock-hard male torso than just the six-pack. Here are four moves to work your entire core and sculpt those coveted Devil's Horns (a.k.a. the Abercrombie V).

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Core Curriculum: Why You Need More Kettlebell

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