Top 5 Stories of the Week: Men's Hairstyles, Luxe Underwear, $1 Million RVs, Fashion-Forward T-Shirts, and More

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1) What Does $1 Million Get You in a Luxury RV?

Time to rethink the boxy mobile homes (and Breaking Bad's dilapidated meth lab) of the past. The new breed of million-dollar mobile mansions boasts unexpected amenities like recording studios, fireplaces, and even tanning beds.

Here's more amenities to ease travel-weary souls:

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hotel Stay—Using Twitter

Extreme Wellness: Luxury Hotels Now Offering Ridiculous Health Perks

A Gym With a View

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2) The Definitive Guide to Men's Hairstyles, From Afro to Undercut


What's the difference between a pompadour and a quiff? Ever heard of a Line Up or Caesar's Cut? Our exhaustive guide to men's hairstyles features 23 selections of men's 'dos—modeled by Hollywood's top style icons.

For more hair trends:

Hollywood's Trending Hairstyle: The Slicked-Back Look

Blow Me: The Argument for Investing in a Professional Hair Dryer

Hollywood's Top Men's Hairstyles: A Time Line of Long Locks

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3) The New Rules of T-Shirts (Video)

These new summer staples can relax your look without stepping into sloppy casual territory. Embrace the fashion forward T-shirt, with guidance from our senior market editor Justin Berkowitz.

For more creative takes on menswear classics:

Video—Give Your Black Dress Shoes a Break With 4 New Classic Footwear Styles That Will Up Your Suit Game in Seconds

Just Say No to Dull Suits: We've Identified Fashion-Forward Alternatives (Video)

Video—Style Director Eugene Tong's Guide to Black-on-Black Watches

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4) Objects of Desire: 25 Medicine Cabinet Essentials


If you're spring cleaning your medicine cabinet, you'd be wise to consider some of these items, from mundane (soap, deodorant) to medical (thermometer) to niche-interest (facial sponge).

For more items to stock up on:

17 Essential Objects for the Home Bar

Objects of Desire: What Do 4 Automotive Giants Keep in Their Glove Compartment?

Objects of Desire: The Kitchen Countertop

• • •

5) 12 Underwear Upgrades: The Most Luxurious Men's Boxers & Briefs


Compared to women's sumptuous silks and rhinestone studs, men's underwear game is a bit tame. But the growing market in luxury boxers and briefs could change all that. From $60 to $400, we've highlighted some stand-outs.

For more fashion trends:

13 Spring and Summer Trends to Buy Now

Now Tending: Color-Blocked Menswear

Now Trending: Hawaiian Shirts

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