Top 5 Stories of the Week: We Tried Naked Yoga, Future of Onanism, Summer Sunglasses, Father's Day Gifts & Scariest New Rollercoasters

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1) We Tried Coed Naked Yoga (So You Don't Have To)


The nude yoga movement is gaining followers, and it's time to see whether or not these coed courses truly increase confidence (and enlightenment), or stray into creepy territory. One man and one woman tell the naked truth.

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2) The Future of Onanism: 6 Sex Toys That Redefine Male Masturbation

Forget about blow-up dolls and "virtual" sex toys—tech innovations have climaxed in these male-focused sex gadgets.

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3) 8 Best New Sunglasses for Summer


From the latest shapes to classic frames, these stylish sunglasses pull double-duty: They look badass and protect your eyes.

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4) Father's Day Gift Guide: Anything-But-The-Usual Ideas


This Father's Day, aim to actually surprise dad with a gift that's anything but cliché. So please, no more ties.

To celebrate dad:

Street Style Blog Haute Dads Proves Single Men with Fashionable Kids are More Attractive

What's On Your Wrist: Joshua Klein of Eastland Shoe on His Dad's Generous Gift

12 Celebrity Kids Who Embarrassed Mom & Dad

• • •

5) The 7 Fastest, Steepest, and Most Controversial Amusement-Park Rides of 2014

Count on these rides to bring you the chills this summer, from a waterslide that's taller than the Niagara Falls to roller coasters that speed up to 72 mph.

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