Top 5 Stories Of The Week: Penny Dreadful's Josh Hartnett, Celebrity Selfies, Foods You Can O.D. On, Fashion-Forward Suits

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1) Health Myth: Does Coffee Dehydrate You?

Or perhaps you should ask yourself: How much water do I really need to drink each day and does coffee count?

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2) Just Say No to Dull Suits: We've Identified Fashion-Forward Alternatives (Video)


Breaking out of your navy-suit comfort zone is easier than you might think. In this episode of The New Classics, fashion director Matthew Marden shares some fashion-forward brands.

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3) Don't Tell Penny Dreadful's Josh Hartnett What to Do


At one time, Harnett was on the cover of every teen magazine. The star of Showtime's new pop-horror series Penny Dreadful is happy he left all of that behind for a more thought-provoking career—even if his agents wanted to slit their wrists when he turned down the lead role in Superman Returns.

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4) See Celebrity Selfies by David Lynch, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier & Other Tastemakers


For the past five years, portrait photographer Jonas Unger has been asking his actors, models, musicians, and designers to take their own damn photos. See how they turned out #nofilter.

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5) 6 Common Foods You Can Actually O.D. On


There are certain things that are just not worth the bellyache—and there are some that turn your skin orange! Here, five foods that cause more than bloat.

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Eat Butter, Lose Weight

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