Top 5 Stories of the Week: Planking .GIFs, the Imperfect Smile, Sustainable Brands That are Actually Stylish, and More

Plus—What people in 1893 thought we'd be wearing now (they were a little off).

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1) These 3 Workout .GIFs Will Change Your Plank Game for Good

It's time to rethink how you plank. The ultimate core-strengthening move used to be a rigid, motionless battle against time, but these three dynamic routines are designed to target more muscles for a total-body workout. Watch the three easy-to-follow .GIFs to nail the positions.

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2) The New Perfect Smile Isn't That Perfect


The holy grail of cosmetic surgeries is achieving a subtle, natural-looking result—the same goes for cosmetic dentistry. Forget your fixation on perfect, pearly whites and crazy-straight teeth, and tune into Smile 101 for everything from choosing the right shade to dealing with adult braces.

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3) The Crazy Shit the People of 1893 Thought We'd Be Wearing Today


It can be difficult to foresee what trends the next season might bring, let alone next year, or next decade. British magazine The Strand took the challenge in 1893 and predicted the future fashions of the next hundred years—with hilarious results.

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4) Video—Give Your Black Dress Shoes a Break with 4 New Classic Footwear Styles That Will Up Your Suit Game in Seconds


Black leather lace-ups are the go-to accessory for a suit and tie, but sometimes a man's got to shake up his routine. Style director Eugene Tong shows you how pairing a suit with a few different shoe options can change your entire look.

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5) 12 Brands That Are Saving the World—and Your Wardrobe


Remember when sustainable fashion meant unshapely hemp ponchos sold in the back corner of your local health food store? Things have definitely changed for the better as more designers seek to stay on the forefront with innovative measures like LEED-certified ateliers, fair-trade labor, and decreased water use during production.

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