Top 5 Stories of the Week: Summer Style Tips, Tiny Hotels, Drinkable Sunscreen, What Models Are Thinking & Multitasking Soaps

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1) Classic Warm-Weather Fashion "Don'ts" Done Right


Some sartorial rules were meant to be broken. Transform tank tops, tie-dyed shirts, and straw hats from fashion faux-pas to gutsy, fashion-forward choices.

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2) 7 Amazingly Tiny (But Stylish) Hotel Rooms

Pamper yourself with five-star service and first-class amenities while spending less, thanks to these seriously Lilliputian hotel rooms.

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3) Drinkable Sunscreen: Yes, This Exists and We Tried It

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How far would you go to protect your skin (and avoid tanlines)? One writer puts Osmosis Skincare's drinkable sunscreen to the test.

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4) 19 Things Male Models Think When They're Walking Down the Runway

What goes through the minds of male models when the spotlight turns on them, and they walk past fashion's biggest names? One model tells all.

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5) 6 New Soaps that Do More Than Just Clean


Why just clean when your soap can pull double-duty as bug repellent, moisturizer, and cologne? Try these six luxe options.

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