Top 5 Stories of the Week: Sun-Free Tans, National Health Scores, Odd Places to Find Dates, Comic Con's Best-Dressed & Anna Kendrick

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1) How to Get a Healthy, Natural-Looking Tan Without the Sun


When it comes to tanning, we're all for faking it. Here's how to get your glow on at home.

For more summer skincare advice:

Drinkable Sunscreen: Yes, This Exists, and We Tried It

How to Keep Your Teeth as Bright and Fresh as Your Summer Whites

Rise and (Don't) Shine: 5 Ways to Deal With an Oily Face

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2) How Do You Stack Up Against U.S. Averages in These 6 Key Health Tests?


You should know your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other measurements—now see how your numbers stack up against national averages (and actual ideals).

For tips to reach those health goals:

Is Training at a High Altitude the Fastest Way to Lose Weight and Build Muscle?

Which Rest is Best: Active or Static?

How Accurate Are Cardio Machines' Calorie Counters?

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3) 9 Surprising Places to Find a Date


Ditch the dive bar. And consider one of these less-than-obvious alternatives—from the Genius Bar to your friend's street hockey game.

For more relationship advice:

6 Unspoken Rules of Casual Sex

The Art of the Gym Date

The Better-Sex Workout: 5 Moves to Up Your Sexpertise

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4) The 5 Best Dressed Guys at Comic Con (Who Didn't Wear Costumes)


We're sure cosplay is rewarding for people who are into it, but a small group of famous guys who went to Comic Con this weekend proved that you don't have to go full Spider Man to have a good time.

For more well-dressed menswear inspiration:

18 Best-Dressed Short Men--Standing 5'8" and Under

80 Years of Red-Carpet Style: What Leading Men Have Worn to the Oscars

Timeless 3-Piece Suits From 1930 to 2014

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5) Anna Kendrick Has an Oscar Nomination, 10 Movies in the Pipeline, and One Hell of a Pick-Up Line


If it seems like you're seeing Anna Kendrick everywhere these days, that's because you are. We interviewed the American actress-singer in between two movie releases: Joe Swanberg's improv-heavy indie Happy Christmas, which came out in early July, and Jeff Baena's zombie comedy Life After Beth, in theaters Aug. 15th.

For more talented ladies:

The Surprisingly Superstitious Jessica Chastain on Her Biggest Fears, and Why Failure Isn't One of Them

Q&A: Orange Is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne

Q&A With Walk of Shame's Elizabeth Banks: "I Think We Left Some Raunch on the Table"

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