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1) Soccer Star Tim Howard's Big Secret


No need to drug test Team USA's star goalkeeper Tim Howard—he already spilled the secrets of his record-breaking World Cup performance. To us.

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2) Study Reveals Why We All Suck at Flirting


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Sensing mixed signals? A news study suggests you're not alone.

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3) How to Master the Agility Ladder


Want to improve cognitive function and get your body in tip-top form? All you need is an agility ladder and these four power moves.

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4) What Are the Most Versatile Wines to Bring to Summer Parties?

Wondering which red, white, or sparkling wine to bring (or serve) this weekend? These bottles pair with grilled foods but don't overpower the palate.

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5) How to Keep Your Teeth as Bright and Fresh as Your Summer Whites

Portrait of man brushing his teeth

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The ultimate accessory this summer? A great smile. These four tips will brighten and strengthen your teeth.

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