Tom Colicchio Wants to Send You Beef Jerky Every Month

We tried celebrity chef Tom Colicchio's new SlantShack beef jerky. And we liked it!

Photo: Slantshack

Outside of hipster farmers' markets, beef jerky doesn't have a great reputation. That's because the stuff you ate as a teenager was probably bottom-of-the-barrel beef packed with MSG and nitrites. SlantShack jerky is different. They make high-end snacks, including beef jerky from grass-fed Scottish Highland cattle...raised on a small, sustainable Vermont farm...with none of the artificial stuff that makes supermarket-aisle jerky so gross. Very PC and very delicious.

SlantShack also has one big star-chef fan: Tom Colicchio. He's keen enough about the product that he's started a SlantShack Jerky of the Month Club, which gets you three different bags of jerky (four ounces each) every month for six months (the monthly fee is $34 plus shipping for members of OpenSky's free-to-join social shopping site).

But is SlantShack jerky really so good, and so different, that you want it delivered to your house every month? We tried it. And, yes, we liked it. These are not the tough, dried-out pieces of jerky that require mighty mandible muscles. Each piece is moist yet firm, tearing apart easily. If you visit the site, you can navigate through a series of options and make your own combo, mixing all-natural marinades, rubs, and glazes with morsels of cayenne, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, honey and tamari (a richer variation of soy sauce).

Beware: The special offer ends on Friday, October 5. And if six months of jerky seems like too much of a commitment, custom bags start at $10 (prices vary depending on size of order and whether you want grass-fed or not).

—Keith Wagstaff is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn. Follow him @kwagstaff.

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