Top Details Stories of 2012

A look at the most popular stories on in 2012.

Every December we reveal the most popular stories that ran on our website (see also our top stories of 2011).

Celebrity interviews, fashion roundups, and health-advice pieces grabbed the top spots in 2012. But it was a big year for politics so no surprise that our slideshow "Obama Slept Here: 6 Truly Presidential Suites" garnered a ton of page views, too. The most widely read long-form story this year was one about "The Rise of India Syndrome," which explores the dark side of the West's fascination with yoga, meditation and spirituality. We saw spikes in traffic every time we published food and drink articles as well. In particular: our stories on "Hangover Cures" and the "10 Sexiest New Restaurants in America."

Below, the year-end list of our most-read stories.

1) Hottest Male Models of 2012

2) The Most Stylish Suits in Pop-Culture History

3) NBA Style Then & Now

4) Adam Levine: The New King of Pop

5) The Complete Guide to Suits: 57 Rules of Style

6) Spring Fashion Special: 31 Luxe Upgrades

7) Our Favorite Men's Watches

8) Food Prescriptions: What to Eat to Cure Your Ills

9) Hollywood's Top Vanity Muscles

10) Raw Denim: The Sexiest New Jeans of the Season

11) The Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Colin Farrell

12) Obama Slept Here: 6 Truly Presidential Suites

13) The Rise of India Syndrome

14) Drink the Pain Away: 4 Hangover Cocktail Cures

15) Hollywood Mavericks

—James Oliver Cury, online editorial projects manager at Details

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