Top Five Reasons Why Rush and the Rams Are a Perfect Fit

Given his brief and disastrous fling with ESPN's pro-football preview show Sunday NFL Countdown, you might think Rush Limbaugh would be well-advised to put those NFL days far behind him. But like Brett Favre, Rush just can't seem to stay away.


Here's why this will work:

  1. No one talks trash like Limbaugh.

  2. The Rams have no offense. Rush loves to offend.

  3. Since Marge Schott died, no one in pro sports has had the balls to slur African-Americans, Jews, and gays.

  4. Limbaugh knows how it feels to flunk the draft—he claimed his 4-F status was due to an old football injury.

  5. Look at Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell. To make big money in pro sports, you don't even have to win.

Bonus Reason: George W. Bush owned a pro sports team. How hard can it be?

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