How To: Treat Your Hands Right With Luxe Soaps

Don't settle for cut-rate liquid soaps. Instead, choose something as sophisticated as the fragrance you wear.

Photographs by Jens Mortensen

No matter if you have the rough hands of a longshoreman or those delicate dandy, there's no reason to settle for cut-rate liquid soaps. Really, what would be the point of lathering up with any old mass-market gel if it's going to clash with the rare, expensive fragrance you spent all that time picking out? To lend a little sophistication to your most sophisticated appendage, we've rounded up the finest of liquid soaps for your digits.

  1. Bigelow Village Perfumer Lime & Coriander Hand Wash


  2. Savon de Marseille Orange Blossom Hand Soap


  3. Diptyque Softening Hand Wash


  4. Molton Brown Blu Maquis Fine Liquid Hand Wash


  5. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash


  6. Penhaligon's Lavandula Liquid Hand Wash


A Better Bar


Photographs by Jens Mortensen

We don't love bar soaps, which can get chalky and cracked as their oils dry out. but this one by Claus Porto is milled seven times to prevent splitting (even French soaps are usually only triple-milled). And its sweet, understated almond-oil fragrance is much more appealing than cloying scents like lavender.

Claus Porto Alface Bar Soap, $18;

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