Trend Watch: Bottled Drinks and Cocktails on Tap

This spring, the coolest cocktail orders are premade libations from master mixologists. Cracking open a cold one just got a whole lot sexier.

Photograph by Jeremy Liebman

This spring, the coolest cocktail orders are premade libations from master mixologists. Cracking open a cold one just got a whole lot sexier.




Bobby Heugel takes a cue from champagne growers for his bottled version of this tequila cocktail. The fermented grapefruit juice he uses (combined with Siembra Azul Blanco tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, and salt tincture) creates natural carbonation.

__The Manhattan

Booker and Dax__

New York City

At this hot outpost in the back of Momofuku Ssam Bar, the time-honored staple—Rittenhouse rye, sweet Carpano Antica vermouth, and Angostura bitters—is mixed beforehand, bottled, topped with liquid nitrogen to force out the air, and cooled to exactly 27 degrees Fahrenheit.


Photograph by Jeremy Liebman

__Broken Bike

Clyde Common__ (pictured above)

Portland, Oregon

Mixing guru Jeffrey Morgenthaler, one of the first to bottle cocktails, makes his version of the Bicicletta—Cynar, lemon peel, filtered water, and dry white wine—using a homemade system of five-gallon stainless-steel tanks in order to save time at the busy bar adjacent to the Ace Hotel. The happy result is a perfectly cooled cocktail every time.

__Ruban Bleu Royale



The Seattle cocktail temple prepackages this white-rum, Yvette, lemon, and sparkling-wine concoction in mini champagne bottles that are pressurized before being filled—and pop in a way that gives just the right amount of hedonistic satisfaction.


Photograph by Jeremy Liebman

__Cherry Smash

Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen__ (pictured above)

San Francisco

Say hello to the adult soda: The fruity warm-weather favorite made by mixologist Kevin Diedrich is a carbonated blend of Cognac, lemon juice, muddled cherries, and mint.

__The Name Says It All


Washington, D.C.

No boring vodka and sodas here: At this popular new restaurant, Owen Thomson and Sam Babcock give the overordered drink new life by premaking it using large batches of Tito's vodka steeped with lemongrass, grapefruit, and cardamom-infused water.

__Champagne Negroni

Saxon + Parole__

New York City

There's no glass and no garnish for this Negroni. Made with gin, Dolin sweet vermouth, and Campari, it's stirred with ice and strained into a Twist 'n Sparkle carbonating system, then poured into a champagne bottle and topped with sparkling wine and served cold, straight out of the bottle.

__Apple Martini

Harry Denton's Starlight Room__

San Francisco

Bar manager Joel Teitelbaum's bottled martini offers a distinct take on a properly made apple cocktail. Made using barrel-aged apple vodka—aged for 3 weeks in a 16 gallon oak barrel—the popular drink marries its oak flavors with unfiltered apple juice, lemon, honey, and Angostura bitters.

__The Green Horny

Experimental Cocktail Club__

New York City

The carbonated drink at this cozy Lower East Side outpost of the Parisian cocktail temple mixes nettle-infused fair vodka with lillet blanc, citric acid solution, homemade kiwi syrup, and Bittermens spiced cranberry bitters, before being carbonated, bottled, and served with a swizzle straw.

__London's Calling

Broken Shaker__

Miami Beach

At the new pop-up bar of hip hostel Freehand Miami, the cocktail gurus behind BarLab introduce an unfamiliar concept to Miami Beach: understatement. And their fruit-flavored bottled drink is a spring classic. Using a carbonated mix of Bombay, Aperol, lemon juice, blood orange juice, and simple syrup, it's then bottled and served over ice.

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Trend Watch: Cocktails on Tap

Following the lead of bartenders who are bottling for convenience and quality, others are prepackaging their cocktails in kegs and serving them on draught. Eveleigh in West Hollywood pours a souped-up Negroni. In Oregon, the Portland Penny Diner has three cocktails on tap—including the New Money, a Manhattan with bourbon, hickory-smoked vermouth, Nardini amaro, and bitters. And The Wayland in New York serves a blend of house-made lime-infused cola and Fernet Branca.

—Amy Zavatto

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