Video: Our Beloved Lykke Li Gets Fall-Down Drunk

Vodka shots meet interpretive dance in "Sadness is a Blessing"


Details' Future Wife No. 102 and recent magazine-profile subject Lykke Li is not having a good evening. In the just-released video for the new single off her Wounded Rhymes album, "Sadness Is a Blessing", the Scandinavian coquette is in the middle of a sad, sad dinner with lover (or father?) and fellow Swede Stellan Skarsgård when she decides to down five or so shots of Kanon Vodka (nice product placement, btw). Given that Lykke probably weighs no more than a buck-twenty soaking wet, predictable drunken escapades ensue—in this case an interpretive dance set to the Phil-Spector-ish single. Naturally, the restaurant staff tries to subdue Ms. Li as she intones, "Sadness is my boyfriend." Well, sadness is going to wake up with one very hungover pop star tomorrow.

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