Want to Own a Banksy? Here's Your Chance

Ordinarily, the easiest way to own a piece of Banksy's satirical street art is to be a very lucky building owner. But for a few days this week, Gilt Home is selling some of the artist's most iconic works online.

Images: Banksy / Gilt Home

Despite the fact that no one has seen his face, Banksy might be the most famous underground artist in the world. The easiest way to own a piece of his satirical street art is to be a very lucky building owner. Barring that, you may want to try the Internet: Starting today, Gilt Home is selling some of Banksy's most iconic works online.

Okay, so no one is tearing concrete off the streets in his hometown of Bristol. Instead, iCanvasART is formatting more than 70 of Banksy's best works into canvas prints. It's the next best thing to grabbing a can of spray paint and some stencils and sticking it to the Man in your own living room. Printed on 100 percent cotton canvas with Epson Ultra Chrome inks, the prints, available through September 2, will be priced from $119 to $999. That's a bit cheaper than what his originals go for. In March, a collection of 18 pieces fetched £400,000 at an auction in London.

Skewering everything from police authority to celebrity worship, Banksy is unabashedly political, even going so far as to spray paint the West Bank barrier while visiting the Palestinian territories. So if you were looking for a way to make both a political and an aesthetic statement in a single purchase, you might have found it.

Just remember: Like all of Banksy's work, these prints are best admired while donning a hoodie in the dark.

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—Keith Wagstaff is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn. Follow him @kwagstaff.

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