We Want It: Adidas +0- Hybrid Cuffed Pants

Imagine your favorite jeans and your favorite sweats rolled into a single garment.

Images courtesy of Adidas

The highlight of Adidas' new caspule collection, entitled +0-, is a super functional pair of pants that rolls the best parts of jeans and sweats into a single garment.

Made from the brand's slightly stretchy 3xdry™ fabric, these pants are both waterproof and sweat-repellent without going overboard on the sporty design. The waistband is fully adjustable, so you don't have to wear a belt if you don't want to (although there are loops if you change your mind). The best part here, however, is that the ankles are cuffed—a smart touch that's rarely found in anything other than the most casual sweats.

The +0- collection repurposes the brand's signature technical fabrics for the "raw performance of urban life." But we recommend these for even those with moderately performative, semi-raw lives. End Clothing sells the pants for $179.


Images courtesy of Adidas


Images courtesy of Adidas


Images courtesy of Adidas

—Details fashion assistant Daniel Rasmussen

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