We Want It: Nicomede Talavera's Stylish Eastpak Backpack Collaboration

Your search for a fashion-forward, practical backpack ends here.

Image courtesy of Eastpak.

Nicomede Talavera's colalboration with Eastpak takes a high-fashion approach to a backpack that's just as practical as the one you carried to school.

London-based Talavera, who Eastpak first partnered with in 2012 when he was still studying at Central Saint Martins, took a traditional backpack silhouette and covered it in color-blocked leather. There's a lot more going on here than meets the eye: chrome zippers and lots of pockets give it a strikingly detailed look.

But unlike other designer leather backpacks, this one is functional first, super durable, and with cushioned leather straps you'll be spared the dreaded shoulder ache—because a practical bag has no business turning anyone into a fashion victim.

The backpack is available now at LN-CC for $450.

—Details fashion assistant Daniel Rasmussen

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