We Want It: Capture Your Workout on the Shimano CM-1000 Helmet Sport Camera

Three reasons why this action-cam reigns supreme for capturing days spent cycling, surfing, or skiing.

Photograph by Tim Hout. Prop styling by Leigh Gill.

If you don't share your workout on Instagram, did it really happen? For FOMO-inducing posts, capture days spent cycling, surfing, or skiing with the Shimano CM-1000 sport camera ($299; shimano.com for stores). Yes, the action-cam market is oversaturated, but here are three reasons this one reigns supreme.

1. It's hassle-free.

The device is smaller and lighter than a deck of cards and waterproof (without a case) up to 10 meters.

2. It syncs seamlessly.

Using Wi-Fi, adjust camera settings, frame shots, and view live recordings via your smartphone. Biking diehards can overlay data (like heart rate and cadence) from a cycling computer on the video.

3. It's compatible with newer, safer helmets.

Following Formula One racing legend Michael Schumacher's near-fatal ski accident in late 2013, some are arguing that poorly affixed action cams compromise the integrity of a helmet. Manufacturers have taken note and integrated the mounting system into the headwear, exemplified in this Bell Super Helmet ($125; bellhelmets.com), which is lightweight and breathable, with a customizable fit.

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