We Want It: Tai Ping Carpets' Chroma Collection

A tasteful alternative to the Moroccan-rug craze.

Photographs courtesy of Tai Ping Carpets.

If you're tired of the Moroccan-rug craze that took root right around the time we all started bragging about our furniture being made from reclaimed wood, look to Hong Kong–based Tai Ping Carpets and its Chroma Collection. These room-sweeping pieces (like the one pictured) double as artwork and are a welcome relief from the devotion to red. "They're not trying to be too perfect and pretty," says Yasmina Benazzou, Tai Ping's global design director. Achieving these imperfections is deceptively involved, however. The bleeding effect looks like a freehand watercolor painting, but it's actually created by weavers following a computer-traced pattern, to scale, with an electric "tufting gun" loaded with the right colors and fibers (here, luxury wools and silks). Their job is a case study in restraint. Price upon request.

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