We Want It: This Surprisingly Lightweight and Odor-Reducing Wool Workout Shirt by Icebreaker

The ultimate workout shirt that's breathable, absorbs moisure, and is a natural odor reducer.

Photography by Brad Bridgers. Styling by Elizabeth Osborne at Halley Resources.

You might already have a wool suit in your summer wardrobe, but you likely never figured that the traditionally cozy fabric would be ideal for summertime workout clothes, too. With a featherweight weave, this Icebreaker Sonic short-sleeve crewe ($85; us.icebreaker.com), which tips the scales at 150 grams (merino-wool products typically range from 120 to 320 grams), has highly breathable fibers that act as moisture absorbers able to hold up to 30 percent of the garment's weight in liquid (a.k.a. sweat) before feeling damp. And something that will really make you feel warm and fuzzy about your new favorite material: It's a natural odor reducer.

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