Weekend Roundup: Odin's New Scent

The highs (and lows) of the coming week.

The highs (and lows) of the coming week.

The Buy

Himalayan Cedar Leaves. Owari Mandarin. Forest Mint. I know what you're thinking—tea—but no. Fragrance, people, fragrance. On November 7 in New York, Odin launches three new unisex scents, which will soon arrive in Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, and San Francisco as well. Inspired by scents from the spice trade and the Far East, they make for an instant getaway to Japan.

The Sound

You know you love them. You know you do. JBJ and friends return on November 10 with "The Circle." If "It's My Life" is as cheesy as you say, how come you tap your foot to it every time you hear it? And isn't "Livin' on a Prayer" on your karaoke go-to list? That's right. Go ahead and live proud, Bon Jovi proud.

The Tube

Caligula was the Paris Hilton of the ancient world. Or so the History Channel would have you believe. With the series premiere of Ancients Behaving Badly (November 6, 9 p.m. ET), the Roman Empire finally gets the full TMZ treatment. Let's hope Nero wore underwear.

The Visit

An arch is an arch is an arch. But come on, that one in St. Louis is pretty damn impressive. Eero Saarinen, the architect who designed it, finally gets his due November 10 through January 31, when sketches, models, and photographs of his work—everything from CBS's Black Rock building to a pedestal chair—go on display at the City Museum of New York.

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