Weird Book Excerpt: Letter from a Teen Boy to His Serial Killer Pen Pal

The story of how a young man's devastating brain injury led him to become pen pals with notorious criminals.


Photo: Courtesy of Simon and Schuster

Pete Earley's The Serial Killer Whisperer (Touchstone, $25) is a gripping real-life account of a 15-year-old boy who, after a personality-altering accident, became pen pals with a number of notorious murderers, drawing confessions from several. Here's a note he sent Florida death-row inmate David Alan Gore:

*Dear David,

Wow, that was quite a letter! Thank you for sharing those details with me. You got in trouble for six murders but just from you writing to me and filling me in on some of your stories, I would have to say there is a lot more murders you did. I am not going to ask you the number but I will put the ball in your court. If you would like to share with me the full number I would love to hear it. My mom just got done cooking dinner so I better get in the kitchen so she doesn't have to come in here twice to tell me.*

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