More Weird Things Found in Celebrity Storage Units

From a 6-foot-tall Elvis statue to a billion-year-old dinosaur skull, these 5 stars have more than a few skeletons in their closets.

By Alison Howard


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Rod Blagojevich's 6-foot-tall Elvis Presley statue.


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A polaroid of Madonna holding a water gun shaped like male private parts.


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Pictures of Val Kilmer allegedly kissing Paris Hilton, found in Paris' storage unit.


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Burt Reynolds' storage unit has so much weird stuff that it's become a kitsch museum in Florida. Oddities include a horse carriage built by Dolly Parton; the final can of Stickum adhesive used by Fred Biletnikoff, a former wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders; the canoe from Deliverance; and a framed letter from his doctor about a spleen operation Reynolds underwent in 1955.


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Somewhere, Nicolas Cage has a Tarbosaurus skull. We're actually not sure where this 2007 purchase is located, but since his money pit of a mansion foreclosed this past April, we're guessing it's in mini-storage.

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