Well Suited: Michael Bastian on Why Cool Guys Go For a Coat and Tie

To wear a suit—or not to wear a suit? That is the question (and it's totally up to you).

Image courtesy of Michael Bastian.

"There are fewer and fewer guys who have to wear a suit to work," says Michael Bastian, who knows a thing or two about how men dress today. "So there's this weird thing happening where the cool guy actually wants to wear a suit, and he doesn't have to. The suit becomes a choice, not a gun held to your head."

Read more wisdom and advice about suits from some of the best menswear designers in the world, and take a look at this one we can't wait to wear from Bastian's Fall 2014 collection below.


Image courtesy of Michael Bastian.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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