Were You Punked by Muhammad Ali in the 70s?

If so, then a British TV producer wants to speak to you.

Imagine you're in fifth grade. Your teacher asks you to write an essay about what you'd say to Muhammad Ali, a heavyweight champion who's recently defeated the legendary Joe Frazier. Suddenly, a man who entered your classroom dressed as a janitor strips down to his shorts, and begins shouting about how he's the greatest boxer of all time and is going to beat the current champ, George Foreman.

That actually happened. It was part of an episode of Candid Camera, and now British television producers are trying to track down the kids in the classroom as part of a special celebrating the show's U.K. anniversary.

The only video of it is in French—but even in another language it's still better than Punk'd


If you're one of the kids above, contact jason.beresford@itv.com.

Via WNYC News Blog.

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