What Do James Franco's Doodles Tell Us About Him?

What do we learn when we analyze James Franco's doodles? He's artsy, provocative, and obsessed with Hollywood.

Doodles courtesy James Franco

While sitting down for a formal cover-story interview, James Franco doodled on a print-out of our writer's questions. Normally, we might not care about celebrity scribbles, but as Franco is one of the most psychoanalyzed stars around we decided to take a closer look at the actor/author/filmmaker/teacher/artist/doodler's absentminded scrawls.

So what does the pretty-boy Renaissance man draw when he's partially distracted by conversation? Lots of words in the bubble-letter style: Kink, the title of his new documentary about BDSM porn, "James Dean," "HBO," "Brando Rebel," and "Ed Ruscha" Plus, a few cartoonish figures: a topless woman, a masked man, some TVs.

The analysis: There's enough content in here to support everything that's already been said about him, but not much more. He's artsy (the Ruscha reference), a tad salacious (the boobs), and deftly self-promotional (the inclusion of the title of his film). Ultimately, we're left with more questions than when we began. Is "Lester" the hero of the forthcoming Child of God project, about a violent loner who moves to the mountains of Tennessee and lives in a cave? What does "strongest of the litter" refer to? And why is "daddy" circled? Your guess is as good as ours.


Doodles courtesy James Franco


Doodles courtesy James Franco

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