What I Wear to Work: Aska Chef Fredrik Berselius

Book a seat at the buzzy Brooklyn restaurant before it closes this week.

Photographs by Jeremy Liebman; Grooming by Dillon Pena.

When you have unconventional, demanding (might we add kick-ass?) jobs like these guys do, getting dressed doesn't automatically mean putting on a suit and tie.

The Job: Head chef at Aska, the Scandinavian-inflected Brooklyn restaurant that was awarded a Michelin star this year. It was recently announced that Berselius will serve his last dinner at this location on March 19 before he packs up and looks for a new space.

The Wardrobe Philosophy: "I don't know about trends or how they connect, but I do like fashion. If you don't care a single cent about what you wear, why would you care about anything else?"

The Everyday Picks: Berselius' tendency toward simplicity—black or gray jeans, organic-cotton tees from H&M (which, like him, hails from Sweden), Acne button-downs or sweaters—reflects a deeper appreciation of craftsmanship. "If we're out picking herbs or vegetables for the restaurant, we're on our knees in a bush or a field somewhere—I like clothing that, if you care for it, will last."

The Uniform (in the Kitchen): Aska's tiny kitchen opens to the dining room, meaning guests can watch the chef and his team at work. "We wear whites," Berselius says. "It's a uniform that represents a tradition—you come in, you're tired or in a certain mood, you put your clothes on, and you work." Berselius favors Danish jackets and Swedish aprons—"They're just more comfortable and fit better"—worn with Birkenstocks.

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