What I Wear to Work: Kent & Curwen Creative Director Simon Spurr

Simon Spurr, creative director of Kent & Curwen, show us what he wears to work.

Photograph by Jeremy Liebman. Grooming by Dillon Pena.

When you have unconventional, demanding (might we add kick-ass?) jobs like these guys do, getting dressed doesn't automatically mean putting on a suit and tie.

The Job: British heritage label Kent & Curwen's newly appointed creative director.

The Archetype: According to Spurr, the much-parodied image of the fashion professional dressed in head-to-toe black is rooted in reality. "Black jeans and a T-shirt is a staple for me just because it's easy," he says. "I gravitated out of blue to black denim about four years ago. I think it's sharper, and, for me, a jacket works better with a black jean." His pared-down look allows him to indulge in statement accessories—the current favorite is a pair of subtly flashy Burberry Prorsum boots.

The Minimalist Mind-Set: Spurr's uniform isn't only about ease of wear, however. "If I'm in a serene environment, and it's very clean and monochromatic, it allows my brain not to be distracted by things going on around me or what I'm wearing," he says. "It allows me to focus on the job."

The Rewards of Risk-Taking: Spurr tends to appreciate anyone who displays a strong sense of personal style and is emphatically against designers issuing hard-and-fast fashion rules. "What works for one won't work for another," he says. "Whether it's within the office or on the street, if you feel good in it, then I encourage that."

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